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Do you want to compare bonuses and see which casino is giving you the best and most right now? Then you have come to the right place. We have top lists for both Swedish casino bonuses and free spins. In addition, we list new casino bonuses and the most important conditions to keep an eye on!

Temporary rules on casino bonuses during the pandemic

In June 2020, the government introduced temporary gambling responsibility measures due to the corona pandemic having a major impact on society. Therefore, a number of temporary measures have been introduced that limit the online casinos’ offer and also its bonuses.

  • A deposit limit of 5,000 $ week applies
  • Bonuses may amount to a maximum of 100 $ for casino games
  • Playing time is limited at online casinos

These above restrictions have also been extended several times and will now at least last until the winter of 2021. It is likely that the above restrictions will become permanent in the future. Stay up to date on the latest bonus rules here with us at

The government has decided on a temporary ordinance on gambling liability measures, aimed at the particularly risky forms of gambling such as online casinos and ATMs.

Increase your gaming cash with a casino bonus

A casino bonus gives you extra money – bonus money – to play for at online casinos. When you register as a new player in an online casino, you almost always have the opportunity to get a welcome bonus which usually consists of free spins, bonus money or a combination of these two. Here at we have collected casino bonuses for online casinos to increase your chances of taking home the big win!

The welcome bonus is now the only bonus that Swedish casinos with a license can distribute to their players. Since the summer of 2020, certain temporary restrictions have been applied due to the prevailing pandemic situation, which means that casinos may only award a bonus at one time per player to a maximum value of 100 $. This restriction is expected to continue to apply during the first half of 2021.

The competition between gaming, betting, odds and casino sites is huge online today. Therefore, it is super important to differentiate and stand out (especially important after the regulation, as all casinos have more or less the same range), in order to attract new players to their site. This is where casino bonuses come in, as it is one of the most important factors that new players look for when choosing their arena to play at. The bigger and more generous bonus you offer – the easier it is to attract new players.

This is of course enormously advantageous for us who want to be able to play as much as possible but to invest as little of our own money as possible. With a real casino bonus, you get a lot more money to play for than you put in your own money.

Another news since January 2019 – which is worth knowing if you are looking for bonuses – is that the gaming market in Sweden has been regulated and several rules that affect, among other things, these various bonuses. This means that you as a player can only receive one bonus per license (several casinos can share one license). Therefore, since 2020 and of course into 2021, there are significantly fewer available. But do not despair! We have found all the bonuses available on the Swedish market and list them here.

So you get more to play for with a casino bonus 2021

This website is all about one thing – casino bonuses. We have worked hard and long to identify and evaluate the best offers within bonuses at Swedish casinos. All so that you can have the absolute best gaming experience and the greatest chance of winning even bigger wins. Here at CasinoFeber we love casino, online games and adventure. By the way, you have not missed the new trend with casinos without registration, which has taken the Swedish casino world by storm?

We have sifted through and been selective in our rock-hard selection process when we publish information about an online casino on our site – and here you will not find any unlicensed casinos where you risk being cheated in one way or another. Only safe, secure and well-proven online casinos have a place here. In addition, we have written a detailed review and descriptive text about each offer that you can expect to receive when you follow one of our links to one of the casinos. Our highly recommended casino with the best bonus right now is High Roller.

A casino bonus can double or triple your deposit and give you lots of extra chances to win!

If you have ever visited a real casino – or for that matter an online casino – and played at a slot machine or other type of slot, you have probably experienced the feeling of getting a win and having a lot of money to play for. The euphoria spreads in the body and one thinks – like the well-known triss advertisement – that now it happens.

The probability of winning big is also higher when you can bet higher as well. Exactly that feeling is to get a casino bonus and get more money to play for than what you have put in at the casino. So read through the different options available for bonuses at the Swedish casinos we have listed on this page – and then get started and collect your bonus!

What to look for?

It is easy to stare blindly at high percentages and promises of free money when looking for casino bonuses, but bonus systems are almost always subject to various forms of claims for consideration or turnover of winnings. In order not to be disappointed or feel cheated, it is important that you as a customer take your own responsibility and make yourself aware of the requirements and obligations you are exposed to in connection with bonus games. But as I said, it’s not always as easy as it sounds.

For all types of offers, the casino must inform its customers about the terms and conditions, but that does not mean that they will be proud of the less flattering parts of the agreements. You can always find the information (or, you should always BE able to find the information) but it is not uncommon for it to be hidden in the middle of a technically written text that is difficult to interpret and difficult to read. But, as long as the information is available, you as a customer do not have much to offer if you feel that you have agreed to something you can not stand behind.

Tip: Look out for bonus offers that provide great matches from the casino’s side in combination with low wagering requirements.

Bonus codes & promotional codes

Casino bonus codes and promotional codes are a way to redeem your bonus that has decreased over the years. This has now been replaced by special bonus pages, bonus links or campaign links that automatically add the bonus to the player who clicked in via the link. This is the most common form of getting a welcome bonus today, especially if it is an extra good welcome bonus that has been developed in collaboration between us at CasinoFeber and the casino in question.

However, bonus codes have not fully played their role as they are still used by a couple of casinos to some extent. So check here with us before you make your deposit so that you do not miss out on an extra bonus, this applies to both new and old customers in casinos. An example of a popular search on the theme is “Maria Casino bonus code”.

How do casino bonuses work?

This is how a casino bonus can work:

  1. Click on the link to any of the selected casinos on this page.
  2. Register an account.
  3. Deposit any amount, for example 500$.
  4. Get 1000 $ in bonus.
  5. Play for 1500 $!

So you get up to three times as much money than what you put in to play for and thus the chances increased significantly for you to win big. In our opinion, however, it is not just the money that rules, as the experience and adventure at the modern online casinos we list on this page are so delicious.

The casino bonus and any requirements for this differ quite a lot from different casinos. Therefore, we have compiled tables so you can easily get an overview of the different bonus offers that the different online casinos have. In the past, the bonus was often associated with a deposit ladder which means that you have to make several deposits to take part in the total casino bonus at the casino. This is something that has disappeared in connection with the Swedish gaming license that only allows a bonus.

Different types of bonuses

Even though each casino offers its very own variant of bonus offers, it is all usually about the same type of offer, packaged in slightly different shells. The most popular forms of bonus systems include:

Free spins – A limited number of free spins on e.g. slot machines or roulette.
Registration bonus – A one-time bonus that goes to new players who open a new account.
Free Money – Some promotions are simple in design. The casino deposits a certain amount into your account.
Deposit Bonus – Also called Matching Bonus. The casino matches your deposit, to a certain percentage, up to a certain amount.

Tips: För att ta del av en casino bonus, erbjuder olika casinon olika alternativ. Det vanligaste är att eventuella bonussystem tillfaller dig som kund automatiskt. Alternativet är att du väljer bonus från en lista och därefter matar in en kod för att delta i bonussystemet. Den senare formen kan vara att föredra. Om du själv väljer vilka erbjudanden du vill dra nytta av, blir det enklare att hålla koll på eventuella krav på omsättning. Om du inte vill bli föremål för omsättningskrav, kan du helt enkelt strunta i de bonusar som inte passar dig.

Deposit bonus

Deposit bonuses, or matching bonuses, are used as an incentive for players to deposit money into their account. The bonus varies in size but can in some cases generate up to 20,000$ in bonus money. The bonus does not come in the form of pure “free money”, but you must make a deposit of equity to take advantage of the bonus. If a casino offers a 100% deposit bonus up to 2,500$ this means that if you make a deposit of up to 2,500$, the casino will match that deposit and top up your account with an additional 2,500$.

Free spins

Free spins are one of the most common, if not the most common, form of bonuses awarded. This is exactly what it sounds like – free spins, or free spins as it is also called, in a selected or optional slot machine. These free spins are often awarded in pots of 10-100 and in connection with registration or first deposit. As a new player, you can sometimes get free spins without a deposit as part of a welcome bonus already when you sign up as a customer.

When you play a slot with free spins, they always have a predetermined value, so you can not increase or decrease your bet when playing with free spins. In order to withdraw money that you have won with free spins, you usually need to wager the total value of the free spins you have received from the casino a certain number of times. This is always stated in the terms of the bonus and is called a wagering requirement. Normal wagering requirements for free spins are between 30-35 times the money, but it is not uncommon for free spins to be awarded without a requirement for either deposit or turnover.

However, there is a crux with the bonus at all casinos (a fine print, if you will) which is that you must wager your deposit plus the bonus a number of times before you can make your first withdrawal – which is called the wagering requirement. It is common that you have to wager the amount at the online casino between 30-35 times before you can withdraw the money.

So you can not deposit 500$, get 1500$ and withdraw the money immediately – but you have to play a good while to get up to the turnover requirement. But do not let this factor deter you, as there is a much greater chance of winning money with a larger entry amount and if you win big, it is easy to get up in the wagering requirement !.

A wagering requirement is an agreement the casino adds to its bonus system. As many casinos offer “free money”, “gifts” or matching bonuses, they usually paint the offer as a pure service to the customer. “We are a super kind company that, despite the fact that we will probably only lose a lot of money on this, just wants you well and offers you as a new customer 1,000 $ to play for”. They could have written: “Receive our bonus and limit yourself to our casino for a long time to come before you have the opportunity to withdraw any winnings”. It does not sound as nice! But the second description of the bonus may still be as true as the first.

When a casino offers a bonus, money generated from that bonus is subject to wagering requirements. If a casino offered all its customers 200 $ to play for, completely without wagering requirements, you and I could log in to the casino’s site, start a new account, get 200, withdraw the money and close the account. If all of Sweden’s ten million inhabitants did the same thing, the casino would go with a crashing loss of two billion kronor, hence the requirement for turnover.

Before you can withdraw any winnings generated with bonus money, you must wager the money a certain number of times. So, if you get 100 $ from a casino with a wagering requirement of 60x the money, you must play for a total of 100×60 before any winnings can be picked out. It is very unusual for bonuses to be offered with no wagering requirements, but it does happen. The requirement can vary between 5x or up to 60x.


In summary, we can thus state that a deposit bonus with a low turnover requirement is preferable to high percentages. A high percentage may seem tempting but it still means you have to spend money to get money. Bonuses always come with rules and agreements that are not always advertised on the front page.

Sometimes you have to dig deep before you find what you actually accept in connection with taking part in a bonus system. Therefore, always check the wagering requirement before you take part and start playing with a bonus so as not to risk being disappointed with a win.