Lincoln Casino is the destination you’ll be aiming for if generous bonus codes have any influence upon how you’re feeling towards the possibility of prolonging a gaming session. To perfect the top bonuses, the facility handles out free spins both through its means and on semi-official sites created to distribute the latest Lincoln promocodes.

Title Text key Rule set Rewards
Three Sevens None Deposit $25 or more on the 21st of any month Up to $100 match
Thanksgiving Extravaganza EXTRAGRAVY Deposit $25 or more on the Thanksgiving season

150% match

+ 50 FS for Turkey Shoot

Defend the Riches SUPERHERO10 Login and enter text key till the end of the year $10 for Defenders immediately upon activation
Mining for Gold JACKPOT10 Login and enter text key till the end of the year< $10 for Mine All Mine immediately upon activation
Hush-hush Boost Up None (contact the staff) Tell the cashier how much you’re going to buy, and get a personal booster Counted individually

To receive games coupons constantly, enter the private Lincoln Club — and get to know what the heart of the industry is all about!

Lincoln Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes

American players get an upper hand in Lincoln Casino right from the start with delicious bonus deals that come with no strings attached and no hidden conditions. Sign up to bump in any of the 5–10 original text keys that are released in a pack and renewed every couple of months. New promo codes contain either free spins bonuses (up to 40–50 FS for a certain application) or pay-free deposits for preset slot games like The Wild Show or Mine All Mine.

Depending on the parameters of the application — some of them might be hidden, like returning values and inside ticketing — the bonus codes contain up to $10–20 for the initial tryout. Consider it a demo period with benefits, as even with the inner limitations, these chip packages act like regular cash — and deliver transferrable money upon winning!

Lincoln Casino Welcome Bonus

Depending on the time of the year, new players get various types of welcome bonuses upon joining Lincoln Casino. A sign up bonus will typically include a major opportunity to increase your bankroll outstandingly. Expect from $500 to $5000 — through bigger sums may be distributed through month-long chains.

Mobile casino bonus acts the same. Though there might be an emphasis on treats for slot players that increase their winning chances, like huge stacks of FC for certain applications that can be activated free of charge after getting hands-on the starter boost. As a default, no deposit bonus codes are activated separately and don’t affect main greetings in any manner.

Options And Limits For Lincoln Casino Welcome Offer

A noticeable advantage of Lincoln Casino is that it doesn’t differentiate much between its first deposit welcome offer and any regular bonus code, available permanently or for a particular season. The general rules are:

  • Even if the booster is a match, users claim free money up to a preset amount (around $500 — $5000 for greetings)
  • Free chips attached to a limited number of games with a common theme or developer or may be applied to a certain application only.
  • For a payout, any allowed banking method can be used, but only after the account goes through a basic security check.

Note that certain methods like bank cards require additional confirmation.

How To Claim Welcome Bonus At Lincoln Casino: Sign Up Instructions

Patrons from the USA won’t get into any trouble going for Lincoln Casino welcome bonuses. The registration is as mainstream and straightforward as they come:

  1. Reach out for the glowing Sign Up sign on top of any Lincoln Casino page to create an account.
  2. For the first step, pick your location. If you’re currently living in another country, it’s possible to pick your current location and use an actual address instead of an official address.
  3. Communicate the basic account information, including a correct email address that you have access to. Think of a username and change currency type if needed (it affects how the interface shows your sign up bonus and other stuff and can be changed later).
  4. Fill in the personal data. The site presents your birthday; make sure you don’t go with the automated option!
  5. Fill in your physical address and add a phone number for confirmation. If your registered and actual locations differ, think about whether you’ll be able to prove your registered location with recent documents such as bills or official notifications.
  6. After picking your announcement options, confirm your Lincoln ID and switch to the cashier.
  7. Apply bonus code at its devoted section.
  8. Make a deposit that at least matches the minimum for the greeting reward of your choice.

These are all the steps to double the first transaction — or multiply it several times more!

Top Bonus Deals For Registered Players

It’s nice to witness that Lincoln Casino promotions favor returning players greatly, instead of only focusing on newbies and whales. Patrons who are willing to put in $10 — $25 can expect an unlimited flow of booster offers and seasonal bonus codes.

One of the favorite gifts, due to its accessibility, is the constantly active Rebate rule that is a fail-proof guard against, particularly unlucky days. If you purchased a deposit, got done with it in less than 2 days, and are now sitting on cold beans, write to the staff, and they’ll refill it with 25% of your purchase, no questions asked! It’s a great bargain that brings up to $200 and can be used many times throughout the week.

The other nice opportunity is a 7-day deal pack that features its booster conditions for each day, from Monday till Sunday! A 100% booster is both reliable and more lucrative than it initially seems, due to relaxed playing conditions in comparison to larger boosts.

At the moment, Lincoln doesn’t highlight crypto rewards, though bitcoin bonuses are generated for cryptocurrency-oriented patrons and distributed through various separate channels.

VIP Loyalty Program At Lincoln Casino

As a major establishment, Lincoln Casino proudly presents its six-tier loyalty program that the patrons enter right after their first purchase, or once they buy chips with a total worth of $25. Climbing up tiers in the Lincoln Casino VIP program is encouragingly easy, as instead of actual donations, your progress relies entirely on loyalty points.

Not only do patrons exchange these points for inner goods, but they also get permanent prizes like an automated booster that get activated any time you deposit without applying a text key. No good offer at the moment? Lincoln has got you covered: up to 35% is added as a compliment just for you being the VIP.

Playthrough And Wagering Requirements

Lincoln Casino is accurate about its wording, so the patrons are unlikely to mix things up or get into a legal conflict with the establishment. For the general rules:

  • Playthrough x20 is expected from almost every promo; if a booster exceeds 100%, a separate x30 rule is applied.
  • Bonus credits can have limited usage, for example, they can be linked to a certain genre of slot games. It is expected that the patron understands and follows these regulations; otherwise, the winnings will be nullified.
  • Withdrawal limits are the same for all VIP tiers and do not exceed weekly $5000. This limit can be achieved with several payment methods.

For inner purchases and payout, the patrons can use a variety of means:

  • The only supported crypto that is used both for purchases and payouts.
  • Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash. Alternative crypto options — unfortunately, deposit-only for now.
  • ecoPayz, Neteller, Skrill. Web payment instruments are extremely convenient for two-way transactions.
  • Another secure online payment provider with the only difference being that no payouts are allowed.
  • Bank cards. Fully supports European types, AmEx is not available at the moment. Cash-in only.
  • Bank wiring or checks. The official, secure and slow way to check out your winnings from Lincoln.

The wires and checks are the only options that come with a default proceeding commission of $45. Other methods don’t feature specific transaction fees.

Pros And Cons Of Lincoln Casino Promotions

Top reasons to stick with Lincoln Casino:

  • No deposit freebies are offered in plenty, there’s always at least a dozen of them so that everyone has something exciting to choose from
  • The initiative is rewarded not only with bonus codes but with specific winning multipliers
  • Free money is given out generously, and constant patrons have regular returns along with up to 35% compliments
  • It’s incredibly simple to claim free spins or find bonus codes to your liking, regardless of your play style.

What could have been improved by now:

  • Boosters larger than 100% have heavier restrictions than most of the competition does.
  • Despite numerous paying methods, no guidelines or encouragements for trying out new paths seem to come.

Other than that, Lincoln is a solid pick for daily gambling — or weekend fun times!


Everything an average user should keep a track of before joining the ride.

How To Claim Lincoln No Deposit Bonus Code?

Simply switch out to the payment section and type in the text code, then make sure it’s validated.

Can I Play Lincoln Casino Slots For?

All the slots on the site are fully compatible with any play style, and real money play is 100% supported.

Can I Play Lincoln Casino Games And Claim Bonuses Through Mobile Phone?

Currently, the multiplatform site is accessible through any device with a browser, so nothing is stopping you here!

What Banking Methods Are Available?

Most options common to European and US customers are included. Bitcoin is awesome for two-way transactions, and bank cards stay the preferred depositing path for most patrons.

Where Can I Find The Latest Lincoln Casino Bonus Codes?

The official section of the site is the primary source, as well as the SMS-announcement service. If you are not eager on missing the external rewards, join an online community that regularly posts news and tips on the latest treats!


Lincoln Casino bonus codes present a clear case of how a VIP program can turn seemingly average benefits into the best online casino promotions! With its basic wagering requirements and no separate promos for bitcoin patrons or mobile casino users, Lincoln looks dull at the start. But if $5000 sign up bonuses won’t change your mind, then the latest rewards totally will!

With its incredible loyalty points system that encourages participating in seasonal activities and helps to speed up climbing the ranks. It gets hard to advise whether you should go for a Diamond Tier at once, or stop and enjoy the festivities. Whatever your course will be, it will surely be lots of fun!