With all the exclusive scoop on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube no one won’t be blamed who states not being able to get excited about the latest Planet 7 Casino bonus codes 2021 anymore. For all the free cash launched out of the P7 cannons, dozens of free coins never seem to receive any sort of valid retribution.

Patrons on various media platforms report they get stuck on payouts with no updates from the administration for as long as 5–7 months, which is outrageous. The site’s officials say they’re doing their best to handle the conflicts and release a bunch of promo codes to attract the foundation. What’s available in Fall 2021:

Title Secret Word What you get Rules
Royal Retribution CLEO250


After that — 50 FS for Cleopatra’s Gold

Place $50

Basic terms apply

Running Away in Space ESCAPETOGETHER +250% UP TO $1000 Rules are canceled for this one
Showering In Golden Coins EGYPTGOLD300


After that — 30 free spins for Egyptian Gold

Place $30

Basic terms

Sweet Weekend Jump CRYPTO +350%

Weekends only

Place $70 in BTC

Placing the heart in Planet 7 is risky, as it keeps on shady practices and is only considered trustworthy by a small amount of its patronage. If money is not a priority, then go for it: internal refuels are fine for prolonged sessions.

Planet 7 Casino Free Coins

Among the reasons why the player base hasn’t abandoned the site altogether, Planet 7 Slots free coins stick out as the prominent motivation. Daily reload breaks the ground in an unexpected manner. Players get free bonus promocodes to return to the party regularly. In comparison to relying on an ever-changing flow of promotions, this is a game-changer that’s too grand to not take into consideration.

The practice unites Planet 7 patrons and newer users. It’s too bad these charms cannot hold permanently. Because of the consistent scandals, dramatic leaks, and tons of negative exposure, the increasing sums of zero-value play chips look like a shallow attempt to convince some patrons to stay loyal to the sinking boat. Due to that, it’s only recommended to view the website as a place for pure entertainment, as a proper cashout is already a fluke at this point.

Planet 7 Casino Welcome Bonus

Sign up bonuses for new players is a traditional greeting mode, and Planet 7 Casino is not a deviant in this regard. After you create an account, consider yourself entitled to an inspiring pack of welcome bonus offers. Possible rewards are bonus credits and consecutive chains, such as a crazy deposit booster followed directly by 30–80 free spins.

Welcome bonus codes are regulated, unlike public promotions. The goal is to ensure users are submerged in top-quality while not having to worry about passing countless guidelines and inner system checks. To ensure fair and healthy competition, the administration opted against publishing the rule set in free access and takes pride in handling things individually.

Options And Limits Of Welcome Bonus Offer

As was mentioned earlier, the Planet 7 Casino welcome bonus offer isn’t a subject of public discussion. New customers can only suggest whether the bonus deals are regulated by the same rules as any other promo code does.

Patrons who did partake in the first deposit practice mention that a match deposit bonus could be claimed as long as the game restrictions were not broken. Various keywords have their limits: the maximum bonus amount is often fixed on $800–$1000, the wager is fixed on x30 or is lifted entirely. Free money is universally impossible to cashout. After meeting the conditions, wins can be requested at the cashier with any allowed banking method.

How To Claim Your Planet 7 Casino Welcome Bonus: Sign Up Instructions

To claim bonus credits on top of your deposit amount:

  1. Create an account. As a fresh entrée, you’re required to fill all the text boxes on the partner resource, Enclave.
  2. Reread personal information and pay attention to the mobile number and address section. Planet 7 Casino administration states these areas are a common source of mistakes, and the inability to confirm data is a great factor in why payouts are stuck with half-a-year delays.
  3. After confirming the base contact data, switch to the casino profile.
  4. Search the inner messaging system or go through the mailbox to grab the Planet 7 online Casino signing bonus. It’s not introduced with a pop-up, so it’s often missed by accident.
  5. If you’re comfortable with rewards, go on and apply a bonus code before making a deposit.

Note that Planet 7 starter packs are ever-changing; sometimes the good decision is to deposit in crypto for a +350% or search for an outside-distributed secret word instead.

Planet 7 Casino Loyalty Program: VIP Rewards

It’s uncertain if anyone can become a Planet 7 Casino VIP member for now. Once newcomer-friendly, now Planet 7 Casino VIP program is all about promotions to play online slots, with additional benefits such as payback only briefly mentioned in T&C.

It is impossible to say for an outsider how much progress towards the next status level is expected or how it’s counted. Supposedly, total game play slowly adds up until the rewards roll. Slot simulators bring double status points, and card simulators are ranked the lowest, with capped multipliers.

The one clear fact is the promotion pool that favors devoted patrons:

  • 3,5 deposit multiplier, which comes with only x5 requirement that is practically zero when you compare it to x60 or even x30. 50 free spins are thrown on as well, just to sweeten the deal and make it juicy.
  • 3,3 multiplayer and 50 free spins for when you’ve run out of previous coins. Complete with x5 conditioning, it also boasts absent payout limiters.
  • Triple booster for slot simulators, complete with ten-times-cashout!

The crazy line-up is what brings one to consider: maybe these no-limiter deals are what dried up Planet 7 Casino funds after all?

Status Levels At Planet 7 Casino VIP Loyalty Program

The secretive, locked-up structure prevents us from delivering a detailed explanation on how to access the bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, black diamond, royal diamond tiers. The list has seemingly not changed since 2019, when to qualify for expert free gifts the community member was asked to purchase a fixed value, or to hoard on their spending and accumulate a fixed mass in internal points. The future tiers affected the point accumulation speed, and daily rewards would become doubled or tripled depending on weekdays.

Now VIP is a closed club, and while it rolls out a massive wave of freebie coins, it’s unclear if climbing to the top of that mountain will bring expected retaliation. Patrons who were prepared that the sites grant recompense for the expenses were not pleased to learn about countless problems in inner management circles and switches in tactics. Confusing patterns only lead to users communicating with support staff more often, and that’s when it becomes clear Planet 7 Casino is understaffed. It’s recommended to ignore status transitions in Planet 7 altogether until the situation stabilizes itself.

Playthrough And Wagering Requirements

Considering the drama around withdrawal winnings, it’s recommended not even to initiate the process for now. If you’re out of options, double-check rollover requirements:

  • Bonus coins are not real money. They are only useful as inner tokens for slot games and other simulators.
  • Most bonus wins have limits counted on the base of the transaction (x10). According to additional rules, they can increase or be lifted entirely for silver tiers and so on.
  • Playthrough is x30 for the primary library that consists of fruit machines + Keno. Other applications have x60 wager.

What’s interesting is that Planet 7 Casino continues with its secretive practices, even when it comes to most routine topics. To a first-timer, only a few cashout & online depositing paths are switched on. To learn how to use other ways, patrons are heavily encouraged to address the staff.

Pros And Cons Of Planet 7 Casino Bonus Offers

The glowing pros that are no short of outstanding:

  • Planet 7 Casino promotions fit within trends on softer wagering requirements;
  • free coins refuel 2–5 times a day;
  • offers are easy to claim;
  • fresh bonus codes have less limits concerning online slots or payouts;
  • loyalty tiers multiply benefits like crazy.

The disgusting cons:

  • for the time being, it’s unclear if Planet 7 Casino rewards grant any income;
  • the closed structure is not good for planning player types.

Obviously, it all comes down to the scandals — and whether the payout trouble affects you personally.


Can You Win Real Money At Planet 7 Casino?

According to the administration and several patrons, P7 supports real-cash games. The conflicts around payout delays leave an opposite impression.

How To Get Free Coins At Planet 7 Casino?

After sign-up, engage with the site in any manner, and personal secret keywords will pop up in the mailbox.

How To Become A Member Of Planet 7 Casino Loyalty Program?

The site hasn’t disclosed information concerning joining the club, but it’s clear that the spending sums are the key factor of getting in and jumping on the later levels.


If Planet 7 Casino no deposit bonus codes aid you on a quest to collect free bonus points, then be it. The website was well-known for its best casino bonuses and inner strengths like relaxed promotions requirements, countless deposit offers, and a ridiculous amount of live players.

The latest Planet 7 Casino bonuses seem like a strong attempt to bring that trend back. Enhanced VIP rewards are also sticking out like a white flag to all the discouraged patrons. It’s a step in the better, more respected direction, but it’s up to you to decide if these measures are to be properly trusted.