Slotland Casino takes a rest from its alluring free spins strategy this season — and focuses on presenting even more opportunities to receive free cash. The newest promocodes favor cryptocurrency-fueled patrons, though mobile users and devoted spinners won’t quit the month empty-handed, too. With the latest Slotland Casino bonuses 2021 doesn’t seem that gloomy after all.

Promotion Bonus codes Reward Conditions
Game of the Month GOTM +44% DB for Blazing Wild Thanksgiving twice a day

Wagering x23

Max payout equals free cash x2

Crypto GotM CRYPTOGOTM +60% deposit bonus for Blazing Wild Thanksgiving twice a day

Wagering x23

Max payout equals free cash x2

BTC or Coinify

Crypto Midweek 77CRYPTO +77% deposit bonus for all slot machines, including progressive Jackpots

Wed–Thu only

Wagering x27

Can be activated four times

Any Crypto is ok

Mobile 50MOBILE +50% for mobile slot machines

Mon–Tue only

Wagering x25

Can be activated four times

MMGames MMGAMES +66% for the seasonal slot set

Fri–Sun only

Wagering x27

Can be activated five times

It’s worth mentioning that some of the best Slotland promos are only active for the new players. No deposit prizes let you play online slot games at Slotland and even get actual, redeemable cash for your efforts.

Slotland No Deposit Bonus Codes

Even though Slotland is widely known as a typical European casino, it feels like the site took inspiration from US no deposit bonus promotions. In Slotland, no deposit is a promocode for new players that can only be applied before the first transaction. It allows you to play for free just upon registration — to check out the facility and to bite into the bigger game at the same time.

Slotland Casino no deposit bonus code may consist of:

  • Slotland Casino free chip — to control your gameplay and try out the favorite genres
  • Bonus spins — applicable for certain free slot games, or non-restricted.

The promocode may not be accessed directly from the main page. Search the promos on independent e-gambling websites.

Premium Welcome Package: Top Casino Bonuses For Newcommers

Slotland created account coupon codes used to follow the same pattern where the customer would get rewarded with up to 350% deposit bonus. Now, instead of a single Slotland Casino welcome bonus code being offered to new players, the main site launches an exclusive ten-step promotion.

The refreshed welcome bonus pack includes ten separate keywords that must be used successively for the max total gain of $1000. This huge sum fits any playstyle perfectly because this time around newcomers are not limited by the list of allowed games: everything is 100% legit!

Slotland Welcome Bonuses Options And Limits

Current Slotland Casino welcome bonus works on separate conditions from the previous welcome bonus strategy, so read up:

  1. All the new customers can receive the promo gifts, even if they had activated no deposit coupons before.
  2. To boost your bankroll, type in the unique keyword at the cashier BEFORE proceeding with a transaction.
  3. No game restrictions are active this time around: every application is available.
  4. Every coupon can be claimed once. The limits for boosts are the same regardless of boost percentage: $100.
  5. Play through at least 25 times before requesting a cashout. The maximum payout is $2000 (if you reached a max $1000 booster).

It is heavily advised to apply for a static IP before cashing out for the first time, as that ensures the user’s clean reputation and goodwill.

How To Claim Your Welcome Bonuses At Slotland

Before trying out the first newbie-exclusive Slotland bonus code, the client should go through the registration process. It won’t take more than 10–15 minutes:

  1. Open the Join page by clicking on the yellow Signing Up button on the top right side of the navigation panel.
  2. Fill in the basic account information: an original username (it may contain numbers or symbols, but not foreign letters), email that you still can access to verify data, password.
  3. Continue to step 2 and fill in personal information. Golden fields are necessary.
  4. Double-check your data and complete the process.
  5. Before making a deposit in Payments, find your welcome bonus keyword and apply promocode.
  6. Complete a transaction. Like bonus spins, Slotland chips will be added immediately on top of your deposit amount.

Of course, users can skip special bonus offers in favor of regular promos and free spins. But there’s no need to do so in Slotland, as it has plenty of other rewards that don’t work on keywords and cannot break your welcoming chain.

Slotland Online Slots VIP Bonus Program

While the Slotland Casino VIP Program still doesn’t grant a path to increase withdrawal limits, everything else is delivered flawlessly.

  • Gift promocodes greet you on every tier — no additional payments required!
  • VIP bonus offers start coming from tier one that gets applied automatically once you spend $3000 actual cash total.
  • Slotland always presents top-level service, but with the extended customer support, it’s hard not to feel you’re the center of the whole world.
  • Cashback up to 15% gets introduced for highrollers.
  • Exclusive bonus deals can be accessed either through the main account page or via email. Never run out of fuel again!

Slotland’s program consists of three tiers that follow up to gold. It’s a refreshing touch after countless 7-steps, 20-steps, and even 300-steps (!!) programs.

Playthrough And Wagering Requirements

Historically, Slotland doesn’t feature standardized wagering requirements, so unique rollover numbers are stated for every promo. Other than that, the rules are as follows:

  • Real money can only be redeemed after the user’s playthrough bonus cash. The wager counts as 1.0 for all slot machines, 0.5 for Keno, 0.2 for most card games, and 0.01 for any Roulette-themed application.
  • Cashout winnings for promo chips can’t be larger than promo x2.
  • No card or slot games restrictions are active unless the promo specifically states so.

The other thing is that Slotland favors high stakes, as huge betters get rewarded awesomely with personalized gifts.

Available payment methods:

  • Crypto: BTC, LTC and Coinify. Used to send money both ways. Coinify enables fully legit crypto transactions from a standard bank card.
  • Another great method for two-way payments.
  • The most recognized European card can be your payment source in Slotland.
  • Conservative banking (checks). An alternative path for those who don’t trust modern technologies with money, but still want to cashout.

Every method is described fully on Slotland’s info page,

Pros And Cons Of Slotland Casino Bonuses

Slotland Casino promotions the strongest points:

  • Bonus coupons are robust and extremely easy to claim.
  • While the wager is not constant, it tends to be lower than the overall industry standard x30.
  • Many no deposit bonus codes on partner sources: choose your perfect start.
  • VIP bonus offers are top-notch, and every tier gets an extra gift just on top of the other Slotland Casino bonuses.
  • Payback is not VIP-only: clientele has full access to the reverse payment program from day 1.
  • Newsletters work like a charm as Slotland makes them the most reliable source for quick promos. Unique codes with superb conditions can be dropped any day of the week, so the users stay engaged throughout the whole season.

Factors that could be improved:

  • deposit methods only include a single bank card type, so AmEx and Visa users have to switch to crypto or Neteller;
  • bonus spins can’t be activated through regular means.

Slotland is a primarily European facility, and it shows in every little detail. The good news is that it only brings more fun to the worldwide community with its original strategies and prize systems.


As an online gambling site that is mostly oriented on patrons from around Europe, Slotland works its business differently. Understanding the core differences is vital for winning big here.

What Bonuses Included In Slotland Slots Welcome Pack?

The complimentary bonus for first-registration users is a 10-step chain with a $1000 max total boost. The user doesn’t have to activate the whole chain. However, as every step only brings up to $100, it’s necessary to get max rewards. Currently, no additional advantages are presented.

How Can I Get More Slotland Casino Rewards?

Enter the VIP program and double-check that your Slotland e-mails do not get transported to the Spam section of your letterbox. The newsletter stays Slotland’s primary way to inform customers about any inner changes and personified promos.

How Can I Increase The Size Of My Cashback At Slotland Casino?

Spend at least $3000 in total to get your first payback increase (+10%). Proceed with the level-ups to bring payback to its maximum. That’s the only option because Slotland doesn’t offer Activity Points or any other collectible, exchangeable points yet.


Universally top-rated Slotland Casino has presented a new list of top casino bonuses with its seasonal upgrade. The limits are on their historical low, seeing as many bonus codes feature boosted activation times along with grand rewards. The loyalty system is flourishing with the automatic first-level recognition and secret personalized conditions for the further two levels.

If you’re in for a treat, go through the latest Slotland no deposit promocodes: they contain everything that a fresh user might need for a clean start.